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How The TRi Trading Indicators Forecast the Future of The Market

How The TRi Trading Indicators Forecast the Future of The Market


The Breadth Begins

It all started 30-odd years ago when Brian D. Beamish developed his trading indicators in his early career. Over the years from 1990, Brian remembers writing out the movements of each indicator by hand and developing the Delacour Index (named after Brian’s middle name).

The Delacour Index (DI) looks at 15 technical indicators (MacD, RSI, Stochastic, etc.) across three time-frames, resulting in 45 indicators every reading. You can learn the complete ingredients for this delicious indicator in the Level 2 education program at TRi (only accessible by completing Level 1), so it will take some work and dedication to learn it and understand how it works.

The TRi Breadth tool uses the data from the DI on groups of related assets to show the strength of the market overall. This is how the DI looks on a single asset within an index.

The SP500 is an excellent example of an index of stocks. However, instead of just using the DI to analyze the index, TRi analyzes each index component using the DI, then combines that data to calculate the breadth.

Then the magic is when you put a couple of simple moving averages on top of this combined DI data from a group of individual markets. The moving averages make it easier to analyze what’s happening and act at specific moments and locations, for example, if the moving averages cross or display overbought or oversold readings.

Waiting For Signals with Bated Breadth

Here’s a visual example of how the tool works with the Crypto Top 30 Index resulting in powerful signals showing up in your TRi Dashboard.

Catch Your Breadth Histogram

The Breadth Histogram looks at multiple markets on the same chart and gives you a 30,000ft view of the entire market. You can use the Histogram to see how related stocks are doing and which industries you should pay attention to. Here you can see how the Crypto top 30 Breadth connects with the Histogram overbought/sold readings.

The Indicator Anticipator

Most indicators only show what is happening NOW in the market, the TRi indicators forecast what will happen NEXT. There are hundreds of indicators that cause overwhelm and confusion, especially when they give late or conflicting signals.

The TRi tools simplify all those indicators by amalgamating them into the DI. Then simplify that DI further by showing a moving average on that data (the Breadth). And simplifying further by showing multiple market indexes and their relative strengths/weaknesses on a single chart (Histogram).

Don’t expect a crystal ball; there is no perfect indicator, and nothing can predict the future with accuracy, which is why you should always use proper risk management when trading. That being said, the results of the TRi tools speak for themselves.

Results That Take Your Breadth Away

No, we won’t take this tool away from you, but the results may take your breath away. The Breadth results speak for themselves, so instead of telling you, we’ll just show you.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
— Leonardo da Vinci.

Beta Getting Better

These tools are always improving, but please remember they are still in Beta. The price will increase as TRi polishes them up. You can sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial here or jump into the TRi Level 1 Program and start your journey towards learning about these effective trading tools.

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