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How To Make Money Crypto Trading This Unique Method [Case Study]


  • Crypto Market in 2024
  • The Little Old Lady Investor
  • Selling Half on a Double (SHOD)
  • 1000+ Doubles: A Case Study of Success 
  • 3 Steps To Little Old Lady Profits
  • What Is The Best Crypto Coin To Buy?
  • ​Even More Success Case Studies​

From 11th March 2024, TRI members get multiple doubles crypto trading using the Little Old Lady strategy, while another sells half at a 10x!

Crypto Market in 2024​ 

In 2024, we’ve breached the highs of the last bull market, a historic first ahead of a halving event. The halving, due mid-April, signals bullish prospects for the dominant digital assets.

How can traders navigate this volatility and capitalize on the bullish market state, without substantial losses?

TRI Students Get Too Many Doubles To Count While Crypto Trading With The Little Old Lady Strategy.

Sell Half On A Double (SHOD)

​At TRI, we adopt a disciplined approach known as the Little Old Lady Strategy. This strategy uses “Selling Half On A Double” (SHOD) to reduce risk and secure profits.

While most of the public buys the tops, at TRI, we remind traders, “Don’t Chase.” In other words, you must wait for the price to pull back into a buying zone before investing. Remember not to call tops early and learn to follow the trend.

The Little Old Lady Investor

Brian Beamish crafted the Little Old Lady (LoL) strategy from his experiences as a broker for a literal little old lady. This approach involves buying low, with only 5% of one’s capital at stake, willing to risk it all.

Transferring this to crypto in 2015-16, Brian turned $500 (1.25 BTC at the time) into over 30 Bitcoin, reaching $500k. This was done without ever risking over 5% on any trade, illustrating the power of using a disciplined, low-risk investment approach.

​The complete Little Old Lady trading setup instructions and checklist are in the TRI Library. Sign up now to access the TRI Library with a 30-day free trial.

Brian shows how he turned a little $500 investment into over $500,000 trading Crypto using the Little Old Lady strategy.

Brian shows an example of a Little Old Lady Crypto Trade with two doubles booked!

Crypto Guide: Altcoin Fundamental Analysis & Trading

Also hidden in the TRI library is the “Altcoin Fundamental Analysis and Trading” guide: Learn how to rate altcoin cryptocurrencies using a tier rating system and a point score to determine their potential, along with three trading rules to help you succeed.

You can also keep track of TRI’s Little Old Lady Portfolio within your account.

Follow TRI's Little Old Lady Portfolio With a Free 30-Day Trial

Like what you're reading so far? This blog post only scratches the surface of the full TRI experience. Get access to a 400+ resource library, a community of 500+ traders, and a financial education to set you up for life. 

TRI Students share more doubles in the lounge showing how well this crypto trading method works.

TRI'ers banging out multiple doubles in stocks and crypto trading

Students of TRI show how even when Bitcoin is weak, you can still get doubles using the Little Old Lady strategy

One TRI member earned over 40 doubles (free positions) from crypto trading, and other members share more successes.

When we asked TRI members if they had earned Doubles in stocks or crypto trading, and if so, how many?

1000+ Doubles: A Case Study of Success

We Asked "Have You Earned "Doubles" Using the Little Old Lady Strategy?"

  • ​“Yes, a lot. I can’t count them anymore :D,”
  • “More than 30 and keep counting.”
  • “Yes, estimate around 50.”
  • “I seriously couldn’t count. “
  • “100 free positions in stocks and 200 in Altcoins, 20 doubles on one day.”
  • “15 doubles in three weeks.“
  • “+40 from Level 1 in Q1 2021 changed my life. “
  • “it has to be in the high hundreds or thousand plus.”

It's become so popular at TRI to bang out doubles that some TRI residents created funny memes to go along with the doubles.

TRI Student banging out more doubles with the classic TRI meme being shared "Doubles, it's nice".

Every time a TRI student bangs out a double on a shitcoin, an angel gets its wings. 

See the bottom of this post for many more success stories of students banging out doubles with the Little Old Lady strategy!

Beyond TRI’s success stories with the Little Old Lady, TRI members use varied investment strategies from day trading to options trading.

Learning the LoL strategy requires practice and community support, available through the TRI School and community discussions.

Feedback from TRI Members

Members have reported enormous successes with the LoL strategy, turning modest investments into significant gains.

Learn how to double your money using this "Secret" trade strategy. 

Student earned 6 doubles on Solana, with other TRI members sharing their doubles from crypto trading. 

Current Crypto Market Trends

The Little Old Lady strategy remains effective in 2024, with daily doubles reported in our Discord chatroom. Buying low and selling high is universal in investment strategies, making the LoL approach applicable to many investor types.

Another double target hit on a Crypto Coin called Spell.

These trading strategies really work, with TRI members showing how many doubles they are getting in the Winners Lounge.

TRI student earned 47 doubles while others share even more crypto trading doubles. 

How To Implement the Little Old Lady Strategy in 3 Steps

  • Asset Research & Selection: Fundamental research is crucial to identify promising crypto investments. Drawing on multiple sources of investment ideas can enrich your strategy.
  • Dollar Cost Average (Nanny Nibble): Buying at low points maximizes your investment’s potential. This step involves buying small, manageable amounts over time to reduce risk
  • SHOD Application: Selling half at a double secures your investment and continues participation in the market’s upside.

​What Is The Best Crypto Coin To Buy?

Choosing the right cryptocurrency or stocks for investment requires thorough research, an understanding of market trends, and a strategic approach like the Little Old Lady method.

At TRI, we educate traders on analyzing and selecting cryptocurrencies and stocks with the potential for high returns, i.e., “Doubles” in stocks and crypto land.

TRI traders have earned success with coins like RUNE, AKT, RNDR, SOL, and others within the Solana ecosystem. TRI Traders also earn doubles in decentralized finance (DeFi), general cryptocurrency, and stock markets.

Student & teacher banging out doubles from crypto trading.

We share these insights through the TRI Lounge and daily market videos to help our community make informed decisions and identify promising cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

You can access the lounge, Daily Briefs, and a dedicated chatroom for Little Old Lady traders on the TRI Discord. Join the Discord here.

This TRI member got 6 doubles just following the ideas in the Little old Lady room on Discord.

Getting doubles, then reloading, and earning two more doubles on the same investment.

The Little Old Lady Investor

​You can access the TRI Porfolio AND a complete Little Old Lady trading setup instruction along with checklist are included in the TRI Library.

Become A Professional Trader And Learn How To Bang Out Doubles in Stocks & Crypto

Become a Rational Investor with TRI's intense and "hands-on" 12-week interactive program to turn you into a trading professional as quickly as possible. Fundamental Analysis (weeks 1-5) and Technical Analysis (weeks 6-12)

TRI Students share their thoughts after going through the TRI Education Program.

TRI - Your Safe Place

We provide education and community support to navigate crypto trading, emphasizing safe, disciplined investment strategies.

TRI Students get even more doubles in various cryptocurrency coins.

Join the "doubles club" with these TRI students!

Another handful of doubles posted in the TRI lounge in just a few days.

Banging out doubles from one of our crypto trading members.

Get Help With The Little Old Lady Strategy

Like what you're reading so far? This blog post only scratches the surface of the full TRI experience. Get access to a 400+ resource library, a community of 500+ traders, and a financial education to set you up for life. 

TRI member proud of the "SHOD Living"  lifestyle, banging out more doubles in cryptocurrency altcoins.

Another TRI Student with over 40 doubles from crypto trading (each name listed on the left)

TRI member gets a double and calls it a "Stress Free Position".

Another 15 doubles in crypto for TRI'ers, plus 34 more in stocks.

TRI Student Crypto Trading Using the Little Old Lady Strategy Gets Four Doubles on One Name

One of a kind Christmas in 2023 with TRI'ers banging out more doubles than you can count. 

Develop Professional Trading Skills in 12 Weeks Build Lifelong Freedom & Wealth

Become a Rational Investor with TRI's intense and "hands-on" 12 week interactive program to turn you into a trading professional as quickly as possible. Fundamental Analysis (weeks 1-5) and Technical Analysis (weeks 6-12)

Josh Morris

Lead Blog Writer at The Rational Investor

Josh Morris discovered TRI in 2017 and quickly became a smarter investor by following its teachings and taking all three levels of the TRI Education program. By 2021, Josh became the lead writer for TRI, sharing his journey and lessons learned. He regularly posts insights and tips on Twitter @tri_pma, helping others navigate the investing world.


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