New School Term Starts In One Week - Register Now!

Our new school term starts May 10th and students are already piling in and ready to get their trading journey started. We’ll be announcing the winner of our flash raffle on the Daily Brief Recap Show today at 11am PST. If you’re reading this before that there’s still time to sign up for a chance to win a spot in the Level 1. Otherwise, enrollment will be open all week so now is the time to jump in. If you’re not ready to start the school program I highly recommend that you sign up for our 30 day free trial. Hop on the site and say hello. It’s a great opportunity for you to see what we do on a daily basis and find out if the TRi family is a good fit for you. We’re all helpful in the chatroom and happy to answer any of your questions.

TRI was founded by Brian Beamish on the premise of teaching financial literacy to everyone who is driven to learn how to empower themselves by taking control of their own investments. We acknowledge the tremendous amount of effort required to succeed at the game of trading and make no claims of getting rich quick or easy. While it is true that everyone can do this regardless of age, location, personality, experience or intelligence, it is also true that one simply cannot succeed at this without doing the work. This acknowledgement is what separates us from the endless myriad of youtube shills promising you instant wealth if you only follow their “proven” trading system.” In reality, blindly following someone else will never work. Sure you might make some gains here and there but ultimately you will not be profitable consistently as you never learned to stand on your own two feet. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own well being, why would you risk that by following someone who is likely to be wrong a good portion of the time while also having their own best interests in mind and not yours? TRI simply will never put you in that position. Brian leads by example while also giving you access to the tools and knowledge that allow you to act as a professional in the marketplace on your own without the need for any outside influence. 

We take our education program very seriously and we know for a fact that what we teach works. The proof is in the pudding and if you hang out with us you’ll see that we have members who are successively trading in all markets and on every timeframe. It is the TRI way to impart this knowledge onto others and our community is now full of professional traders who are all willing to assist you on your journey. All of our instructors and teaching assistants have mastered this curriculum as well and are dedicated to Brian’s mission. We’re eager to show you the way and we also understand the power of a strong, educated and thoughtful community that is all working together. It can be difficult to go at this alone which is why many of our site veterans continue to show up everyday and contribute with their ideas and analysis. We’d love to have you on board and hope you consider joining our family. 

Good luck and happy trading!

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