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Next Bitcoin Halving Date, Countdown & Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle History With Charts



What is the “Bitcoin Halving?”

The Bitcoin 4-year cycle has an enormous impact on the price and movement of Bitcoin as it controls the supply of Bitcoin coming into the market.

Every four years, the Bitcoin mining reward gets cut in half. The mining reward is a fee paid to Bitcoin miners for maintaining the Bitcoin network. Here's an image Brian shared on January 18th 2023 explaining these cycles. 

Image Reads:

Think of Bitcoin events like the great clock in the interwebs.

As you all may have seen today, the politicians are NOT slowing their spending, they are NOT acting fiscally responsible so why would anything change? Including Bitcoin's parabolic growth or it's very predictable 4 year growth cycles.

Some watch the sky (planetary conjunctions & oppositions) while others watch tides & phases of the moon. Others now, will watch crypto halvenings...

They all serve the same purpose as everything moves in cycles, how you measure those cycles is entirely up to you. Just know they exist and try to take advantage of what their different phases represent.

It seems when price corrects 50% of the log scale range it is time to start accumulating for the next cycle.

Let us help you set yourself up to take advantage of this seemingly cycle- literally change your life forever. #pm4tw
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When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving

The last Bitcoin Halving happened on April 22nd, 2024. The next halving is expected around 17 Apr 2028.  


Why Is Bitcoin Halving Significant?

When a halving occurs, the Bitcoin block reward halves. This slows the supply of Bitcoin into the market. Lower supply often increases prices, so Bitcoin gets more valuable. As demand increases and supply lowers, prices should increase.

The Four-Year Bitcoin Halving Cycle

Since the halving happens every four years, we can break down the cycle year by year and analyze what price action might look like.

Brian breaks down the cycles into seasons, with each season representing approximately one year of the cycle. Here you can see how the halving happens into the spring, before the summer 'silly' season.  

Brian's Crazy Bitcoin Price Prediction

Extending this cycle chart out further, Brian shows a crazy price target for bitcoin between $340,111 and $404,446. If this plays out, it should happen into the euphoria peak of this cycle which should top out around the end of 2025, beginning of 2026. 

1. The Bottom

This is where Bitcoin’s price reaches its lowest point in the cycle and bottom out. The new traders who entered at the previous cycle peak get washed out and capitulate. Now, the bitcoin price can’t go any lower. After reaching this bottom, the price often retraces up to a 50% or 61.8% reload zone. 

Cost of Production:

Like gold and other commodities, Bitcoin often bottoms out around its cost of production level. This is because the miners (the ones paying electric fees to produce bitcoin) are not motivated to sell below this level. Some miners capitulate at the bottom or must halt production because it’s costing too much. This puts a floor in the Bitcoin price and the market bottoms.

Here’s a video where Brian warned that we are nearing a peak and a follow-up showing how we are nearing the cost of production. This video beautifully summarizes these two parts of the market in real time.

The Halving!

The halving part of the cycle happens between the Bottom and the Consolidation phase.

2. Consolidation

In this phase, Bitcoin continues from the bottom and gains traction. It ranges by either going sideways or sideways and up with a potential capitulation dump and quick reversal. This year, the price can stay around a similar range while consolidating the base and finding its footing.

3. The Blow Off Top

This is an exciting and dangerous phase of the cycle where Bitcoin takes off. Its blow-off top phase is often euphoric and accompanies incredible greed flooding the market. This is also the peak time for scams, nefarious players, and market newbies entering at the top.

4. Hangover

After the big blog off-top party, Bitcoin tops out and starts its bear market. In the hangover part of the cycle, the prices drop significantly. The public who bought the top of the market is stuck or washed out.

The Bitcoin & Emotion Cycle

Bitcoin follows a 4-year cycle similar to the famous emotion cycle. The Emotion cycle tells you what most players in the market are feeling. People are most optimistic and euphoric during the peaks, and during the bottom, the most panic and capitulation.

Here Brian outlines his fear-greed cycle chart with the Dow Jones Industrial Average with Bitcoin chart overlayed showing how the cycles interact.

Brians "Get Your Sh*t Together" Warning

When Bitcoin hit around $16k this cycle, Brian's warning to "Get your sh*t together" was clear as day!

7 Studies That Predicted A Market Bottom in 2023

We called the 2023 bottom this year in a blog post outlining the 7 studies that suggest crypto and the stock market are bottoming this year.

One study mentioned was the Benner Cycle study telling us that 2023 was a bottoming year.

2024 Halving and Beyond

With 2024 coming up, we’re in a phase where Bitcoin is just getting moving. It will have a continued consolidation period before its blow-off top, and then the cycle begins again.

  • 2023: Bottoming year
  • 2024: Consolidation year
  • 2025: Blow off top year
  • 2026: Hangover year

How To Practically Apply the Bitcoin Halving Cycle

Knowing this cycle is important to investors because you can avoid coming into the market during a blow-off top phase. Use that opportunity to pay yourself and take profits. During the bottoming years, you know to dollar cost average into the market, so you’re ready for the bull phase of the cycle.

The Bitcoin Cycle In Context: The Market Cycles Infographic

Here’s a quick infographic showing all the cycles in context. This Market Cycles Cheat Sheet outlines 10 major market cycles, 20 industry sectors in the sector rotation model, and much more. 

  • Kill Zones: Learn about the best times to trade, the relevance of "kill zones" and why certain days of the week matter.
  • Sector Rotation: A primer on how different business sectors interact with market cycles and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Bitcoin and Emotion Cycles: Discover the 4-year Bitcoin cycle and the emotional cycle of the market and how to navigate them.
  • Economic and Generational Cycles: Explore the larger economic trends and how generational shifts influence the market.​
  • Cycles Working Together: Learn how different cycles interact with each other and how to use this knowledge to enhance your trading and investment strategies.

Study Capital Market Cycles & Relationships

In the TRI Level 1 program, you will learn how capital markets work and the cycles that rule the market. Use this fundamental knowledge to become a professional trader and investor.

You’ll learn how to navigate capital markets and develop a personalized trading plan for trading success. Each school term is 12 weeks long, with hands-on interactive live classes and personal help for each student.

Our new school term is starting in January 2024.

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Josh Morris

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Josh discovered TRI in 2017 and became a smarter investor by following the teachings from all three levels of the TRI Education program. By 2021, He became the lead blog writer for TRI, sharing updates on the market and lessons learned. He regularly posts insights and trading tips on X @tri_pma helping traders navigate the investing world.


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