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Trading success leaves clues. The profitable professionals use systematic, measured approaches and don’t consider it a ‘hustle’ for quick financial gains.

There are three interesting studies we’ve been watching this year that outlined what the market might look like. So far, the market is following these studies, and it’s fascinating to watch them play out.

It all started 30-odd years ago when Brian D. Beamish developed his trading indicators in his early career. Over the years from 1990, Brian remembers writing out the movements of each indicator by hand and developing the Delacour Index (named after Brian’s middle name).

Learning how to day trade is challenging, especially in poor market states. Having an edge in your trading can set you apart from other market participants when learning how to day trade and allow you to succeed in the market.

My journey in learning how to trade cryptocurrency started in 2016. I was lucky enough to find Brian and TRi through a Facebook recommendation or YouTube search.