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My journey in learning how to trade cryptocurrency started in 2016. I was lucky enough to find Brian and TRi through a Facebook recommendation or YouTube search.

If you’ve been around TRi for any time, you’ve likely heard about M’s and W’s. Brian often talks about these price patterns, and you’ll see them show up everywhere.

Let’s review where we are in the economic cycle. This blog post will review the first week of April 22 and discover where the market is moving.

This blog post will outline how to start investing in stocks for beginners, intermediate, or pro traders. I'll keep it as short as possible while giving the most value. At the end of this blog, I'll give you a trading resource that (if you use it) will help you become a pro trader.

A common phrase exists among traders. "Price gaps get filled". But how often do they get filled? and what does a price gap mean?