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Are you ready to become a Professional Trader?

For over 10 years TRI has empowered 1000's of students to build and run consistently profitable trading business's in both Crypto and Traditional Financial markets

The TRI School includes:

  • An INTENSE and "hands-on" 12 week interactive program.
  • Learning “The Process,” TRI's approach to identifying who you are as a unique trader and how to build a personalized trading plan
  • Becoming a RATIONAL Investor
    TRI's unique method to turn you into a trading professional as quickly as possible.
    Fundamental Analysis (weeks 1-5) and
    Technical Analysis (weeks 6-12) 

To kick-start your trading journey and craft a robust trading plan, book a complimentary trading strategy call now.

What you'll learn on your trading strategy call:

  • Build your 2024 trading plan
  • Discover your unique trader type
  • Preview the School & TRI Tools
  • All your questions answered.

I would like to thank TRI for an amazing finish to my year! Closed out a lot of BTC positions and booked about $200K profit. 


Level 2 Alumni

Check out other traders who transformed their trading journey!

How Brian Used The “Little Old Lady” Strategy To Turn $500 Into $320,721.66

The OG Rational Investor

Brian has 35 years of experience and has held licenses to broker stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and derivatives.

He developed multiple strategies to make money from trading, one being the "Little Old Lady strategy."

Brian also developed “The Process”, a professional trader methodology suited to your trading style. This includes 2 important investing rules.

Brian's tweet showing his portfolio reaching $100k from a $500 starting investment in the cryptocurrency markets

TRI's 2 Rules To Profitable Investing

Rule 1

The Trade Setup

A 3-step process that gives you a calculated trading advantage to consistently win.

Rule 2

5% Risk

The maximum risk you can take on any one trade to stay in the game long-term.

There Are Four Types Of Traders Who Earn Money In The Market

The "Little Old Lady" is just one of four trader types taught In the TRI School. The secret to becoming a great trader and building a consistently profitable trading business is to build a plan that works for your trader type.

Little Old Lady


I'm a long-term participant in the market and never want to sell at a loss.

Joe 6-Pack


I can handle some more risk and don't mind getting stopped out at a loss.

Margin Trader


I put up collateral to trade with high risk, high reward and try not to get margin called.

Derivative Degen


I run on half adrenaline, half caffeine in a derivative world with tiny error margins.

While you may resonate with “Joe 6-pack”, “Margin Trader” or “Derivative Degen”, many TRI’ers enjoy the "Little Old Lady" strategy, so we’ll start there.

What is the "Little Old Lady" trading strategy?

The "Little Old Lady" is a risk-management approach to trading that follows the second rule of TRI.

Small position sizes (nanny nibbles) where you risk down to zero and sell half the position at double the price to get your money back and earn yourself a risk-free position. 

It works so well, you’ll often see successful students raving about how they “Sold Half on a Double“, “SHOD”, or 'Banging out doubles".


Going Beyond The "Little Old Lady" With Trading Setups

Setups are the key to a profitable trading business especially for more active trader types. Think of a trading setup as a 3-step game plan for making money in the market.

  • Identifying location, i.e. price of your buy or sell.
  • Confirming market direction through multiple indicators
  • Entering your trade in the market and managing risk.

Two Signature Trade Setups You Learn In The TRI School

These setups, strategies and trading concepts are taught to you in the TRI school with a hands-on interactive approach to ensure you apply them correctly.

  • The El-Tangonater:- A powerful 5-step momentum based setup with 66%+ win rate using multiple momentum indicators.
  • The BoT: An advanced 8-step continuation trade setup using price structure rules Brian has used for 35 years.

1000+ traders started where you are now.

Many now earn substantial profits, and some have even become professionally funded traders!

The TRI School

Course Curriculum

Level 1:

Introductory Program

Fundamental Financial Literacy (Week 1-5)

  • Discover Your Inner Trader Success Map:
    Find out who you are as an investor and how much risk you can take to earn the maximum from the market. Learn how to Identify market trends, asset classes, and the secrets to becoming a disciplined trader.
  • Craft Your Winning Plan:
    Piece together a ‘living’ trading plan that is both adaptable and based on fundamental market understanding.
  • Introduction To The Candy Store:
    Get an overview of technical analysis and learn how this knowledge, combined with your fundamental understanding, makes you a winning trader.

Technical Analysis In Your Plan (Week 6-11)

  • Master The Price:
    Learn the secret language of “price structure”, “trade location,” and more. You’ll see the market clearly and know where to place your trades. Learn to use candlesticks, retracements, Wyckoff, and more, so you have even more tools to succeed.
  • Your Trading Toolbelt:
    Learn how professionals use trading indicators to forecast the market and how you can use them to trade profitably.
  • Personalized Setup Success:
    Master each element of the 3-stage process to build a custom-tailored trading plan and setup that turns you into an independent trader who can make money in the market.

Level 2:

Intermediate Program 🔒

Level 1 required to unlock

The Level 2 Program builds on the core and fundamental methodology that is taught during level 1.
At this stage you should be actively participating in the market and keen to add more tools to your technical tool belt.

This program challenges your skills and refines your trading plans by adopting a historical trading perspective.

Advanced Technical Analysis

  • ​Horizontal Support & Resistance​
  • Trend Lines​
  • Moving Averages in depth​
  • Gaps & Gap Theory​
  • Volume Profile​
  • W.D. Gann​
  • Point & Figure Charting
  • Futures Market Structure
  • Commitment Of Traders​
  • Algorithms, Scripts & The DI Index

Level 3:

Advanced Program 🔒

Level 2 required to unlock

This is the most advanced and challenging level of our program. In order to gain access to it, students must have successfully completed levels 1 & 2 and must be passionate about elevating their skills.

Level 3 follows an introspective approach. Therefore, your trading psychology, trading behavior maturity, and professionalism will be evaluated.

At this stage, we’ll introduce derivatives as a tradable product which forms a large part of this program. You will learn Brian's proprietary "Secret Options Formula" (TRI SOF).

Key trading skills you will add to your "tool belt":

  • Pro trader’s workbench
  • ​Pro trader stop management
  • Trading Seasonality
  • ​Sector Rotation
  • ​Trading with the DoM
  • Harmonic Trading
  • ​Introduction to Derivative Markets
  • ​Long Options strategies
  • ​Short Options strategies

TRI's 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in TRI's quality and firmly believe you'll find lifetime value in the school, but if not, then starting from the first week of school, you have a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply email us at, and we'll take care of everything for you.

Access These Bonuses When You Join Today:

Bonus #1: 5 Months of Free Access To The TRI Community of Veteran Traders

  • ​5 Months Free Silver Membership Including All "Daily Briefs" and "Daily Brief Recaps"​ ($200 Value)
  • ​​5 Months Free access to an advanced trading dashboard with access to the proprietary TRI market direction indicator for the S&P500 and bullish/bearish trade signals for stocks, crypto and ETF's.
  • Brian’s “Big Bot” Signal Room and Julian’s RSI “Baby Powder” Signal Room and ​​daily market updates, video summaries, insightful trade ideas, and a dynamic community of 500+ active traders.
  • ​​400+ Resource Library and tools to help manage your trading business including 22+ profitable setups, 15 trading cheat sheets, and 30+ TradingView scripts.8 of TRI’s Exclusive TradingView Indicator Scripts ($1997 Value)

Earn Back Your Investment With 5 Months FREE Access To The S&P500 Breadth Giving You A Huge Advantage In The Market

87% Win Rate on 17 Trade Signals in 2022 

$10k turned into $53,612.9475% Win Rate over 1.5 years

*Results based on back and forward-testing the breadth

​​Bonus #2: 16 Daily Brief Specials

Training includes pro day-trader daily routines, trading with "Chaos" and many more advanced training episodes.

  • How to trade Bitcoin on leverage so you can print money from the market
  • ​Pro day trader daily routines that turn you into a master day trader
  • ​13 more special training episodes and many more to come.

Bonus #3: Log, Journal & Calculator

Track your trades and behaviours to continually improve as a trader.Position Size Calculator to determine the best investment amount per trade.

  • Determine the best investment amount for each trade, based on your portfolio size, entry level, stop level, and risk percentage.
  • ​Track and journal your trades, enabling you to identify patterns, catch mistakes, and continuously improve as a trader.

​Bonus #4: Brian's Letters To Traders:

  • ​​Letter 1: The Evolutionary Process of All Traders: The steps to evolve into a "good trader" and the "20/20/20 approach" that will get you there.
  • ​​Letter 2: Releasing The Beast from Within: The 6 Steps To Working With A Trading Plan

Bonus #5: Easy Follow-Along Portfolios

  • Fundamental Analysis Top Picks: These are our best crypto and stock names that TRI are investing in. Follow along this portfolio to track and copy TRI's best fundamental picks. 
  • "Little Old Lady" Portfolio: See where TRI is investing using the "Little Old Lady" strategy so you can easily follow along


Are you ready to change your financial knowledge forever and learn how to build a real profitable trading business that lasts a lifetime?

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If you're ready to take this seriously and invest in your future, start with the Level 1 or invest in the full package for long-term profitability and sustainable trading success as a proficient investor. You’ll learn to avoid dangerous losses and protect your trading career from being blown up.


"I have everything to thank him for that.."

"It's completely and utterly unique"

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Frequently Asked Questions


You only need to understand basic high school math and have basic computer skills. The biggest requirement is a passion for learning without fear of asking questions for clarification.

Yes! The skills you will learn will be applicable to ANY market including Cryptos, Equities, Forex, Futures, Etc.

Yes! The skills you will learn will be applicable to ANY market including Cryptos, Equities, Forex, Futures, Etc.

You will be able to run a small business of trading with a fully developed trading plan and an understanding of technical analysis.

Every student’s learning and studying style is different but we recommend an average of 2-3 hours for lectures, 1-2 hours for class materials and 1-2 hours for homework and group tutorials.

We are going on 8.5 years strong! (As of July, 2023)

Rational Investing is the intersection of technical and fundamental analysis. TRI looks closely at the fundamentals (the story or financial data) behind a trade to make sure it agrees with the technicals (charts).

We agree with the proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” At TRI, we want you to be able to expand on your own but the only way you will be able to that is if you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. There is also major risk of losing money in the markets and we are here to set you up for success.

Yes! You get lifetime access to TRI's dedicated education platform.

You have 30 days from the start of the program. You can purchase this program knowing it will most likely be life-changing for you.