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Are You Tired of Losing Money Trading?

Start your personal trading journey with the TRI Silver Membership

The TRI Silver Membership Includes:

  • ​​Daily market updates, video summaries, insightful trade ideas, and a dynamic community of 500+ active traders.
  • ​​A vast 400+ Resource Library and tools to help manage your trading business including 22+ profitable setups, 15 trading cheatsheets, and 30+ TradingView scripts.
  • ​An advanced trading dashboard with access to the proprietary TRI market direction indicator for the S&P500.
  • ​Access​ bullish and bearish trade signals for stocks, crypto and ETF's.

Why Members Call TRI "Life-Changing"

Do you want to be a profitable trader, but it feels like something keeps stopping you?

The fact is, 95% of traders fail…but not in the TRI community.

It’s either your emotions, the news leading you in the wrong direction, the market doing something unexpected, or the advice of a YouTuber that fell flat.

Maybe you’ve been trading for weeks, months, or even years without being profitable, and you’re curious whether there’s a solution.

On this page, we’ll introduce you to the trading solution that hundreds of traders call “life-changing” and will change your perception of what it means to be a profitable trader.

They Didn’t Think He Could Turn $500 into $320,721.66, but He Did, and You Can Too!

The mark of a good trader is that they are profitable and consistent.

Getting a few winning trades could just be luck, as gamblers in the casino prove every day.

However, if that’s the game you play, the house will always win.

With trading, being profitable is one thing. Being consistent is a different story…

At TRI you learn how to build a profitable, consistent business following what Brian calls...

“The Process”

A specific set of rules around risk management and trade setups that set you up for success in trading.

It’s impossible never to lose money trading, it’s part of the game.

Even Warren Buffet has lost billions on particular trades and poor investments, and he’s arguably the greatest value investor of all time.

In the TRI community, you’ll learn the truth about becoming a consistently profitable trader by following vetted trading setups and risk-management rules.

That may sound boring on the surface, but these rules give you the foundation for building true wealth in your life.

Who is the person behind these teachings, and why should you listen?

Introducing Brian Beamish, founder of The Rational Investor.

Brian Beamish, the hallmark trader at TRI, holds over 30 years of market experience, a wide range of industry licenses, and a passion for trading the market and teaching others.

Brian started doing videos on TradingView, where he met and partnered with Julian to build the TRI Community.

Brian saw that people struggled to trade and created the TRI Education system and community resources.

When Julian realized the value of this education, he worked with Brian to create the TRI Community and School program.

One of the methods Brian taught in the TRI Community turned $500 into $320,721.66 in the crypto market.

He called this method...

The "Little Old Lady" Strategy

This strategy is based off one of his old brokerage clients who was a real little old lady (rest in peace Gladys) and had specific rules about how he traded for these clients.

Brian and Julian then found and partnered with expert programmer Sjoerd to build the dashboard and screener signals.

These little-known yet incredibly powerful trading signals are what Brian calls his "life's work".

The proprietary algorithms use Brian’s 30 years of trading experience and Sjoerds 20 years of software development to produce an advanced trading signaling system that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

And these techniques don’t just work for Brian. They work for any trader who is willing to listen, learn and put into action what they pick up at TRI.

At first, these tools were only available to a handful of beta testers, but they were so blown away that we decided to open them up to everyone.

The Advanced Trading System You Get When You Join the TRI Community

As you unwrap the TRI onion you’ll find more and more hidden gems inside.

With immediate access to a wealth of resources, tools, and a vibrant, supportive community, this membership offers everything you need to thrive in the trading world.

Here’s what every TRI community member gets access to:

  • ​TRI Library: ​Immediate access to a library with 400+ trading resources​, 22+ proven trading setups, 15 market cheatsheets and 30+ exclusive TradingView scripts
  • ​TRI Lounge: The home for all chit-chat and trader talk. Share your charts, your questions, or even a picture of your cat. The lounge is powered by Discord.
  • ​Invite-Only Zones: Advanced trader rooms for School Level 3 alumni. These include a day trader room, options room, astrology, and cycles room
  • ​Brians & Julian trade Rooms: Keep up to date with the trades Brian & Julian are taking and follow along to see how the trades go.
  • ​Trading Dashboard: A trading dashboard full of valuable market insights and trade ideas
  • ​Market Direction Signals: The time-tested and proven S&P500 Breadth​ that gives you accurate directional signals in the market.
  • ​Live Daily Brief: Daily interactive market summary videos with Brian and special guests
  • Weekly Trends & Trades: Weekly trend signals in stocks and crypto trade signals delivered to your dashboard every day
  • ​Top & Bottom Signals: Best and worst performers across various markets so you know where to focus on and where to avoid.

Daily Screener Signals

  • ​​DavO (Bull & Bear)
  • ​Golden Cross
  • ​Death Cross

Included in your TRI Membership is the TRI Breadth...

S&P500 Breadth Signals In Action

87% Win Rate on 17 Trade Signals in 2022

More impressively, it did this while the entire market was heading down.

75% win rate and $10k turned into $53,612.94*, a resulting profit of $43,612.94

*Results based on back-testing the breadth

TRI Dashboard & Breadth Users

Save Thousands of Dollars in “Failed Trades”

What's the cost of one failed trade?

$50, $100, $1,000…

Or, if you’re even riskier, it could be tens of thousands.

Who knows how much you’ve already lost trading?

When a new person posts a chart in TRI and gets expert feedback within minutes, they save themselves from making impulsive decisions…that could lose them THOUSANDS of dollars every time they trade.

Some traders even blow up their entire accounts…and it’s a very depressing event.

With TRI, you save yourself from those losses and also learn how to make consistent winning trades.

When you’re a losing trader, you constantly live in stress.

You are worried about the future, afraid you’ll lose it all and never recover, and you genuinely hurt the people you care about most and more importantly, yourself.

There is no monetary value anyone can put on removing that self-destructive behavior.

It’s truly priceless.

So now you are probably thinking joining the TRI Community must cost a fortune…

Well, it definitely should…

But see, Brian is a profitable trader and has been for more than 20 years…

He’s not like all the “fake gurus” you can see on youtube, who NEED your money to pay their bills and the lease of their flashy sports cars.

Brian wanted to create a strong community of like-minded people, who help and support each other.

And he wants you to try it for yourself too, and realize the value it has for you and your financial life, before spending even $1 out of your pockets.

That’s why you can…

Try the TRI Community for 30 Days 100% FREE

You can access all of the tools and the community for FREE today.

After that, if you like what you’re getting and you see the value of being a TRI member, you can stay with us for a very low price.

And that’s why our members stay in the community for years…

Monthly: $39.95 per month
Quarterly: $29.99 per month (Save $119.25)
Annual: $23 per month (Save $203.40)

This is a limited-time offer. We are running this as a marketing test, which won’t be around forever.

Claim your free month of access now and Join the TRI Community.

30 Days FREE Access Guarantee

You can try the TRI Community for 30 days 100% free for a limited time.

We cover 100% of your TRI Community membership for the first month. It’s free!

No Contract. No Commitment.

Cancel At Any Time.

With our complimentary trial, you pay absolutely nothing and try us out for a whole month, completely risk-free.

After your first monthly payment, you have another 30 days to change your mind.

Email us, and no matter the reason, we’ll send you every penny back. No questions asked.

Either you are happy with the TRI community, content, and results you get, or it’s completely free.

Here's what's really amazing about TRI...

Over the years, the Library, tools, and resources have grown. While many of the past members joined before these bonuses exist, you can jump in at the same price WITH these bonuses ready for you.

Here are the powerful bonuses you'll get when you join today:

Power Bonus #1:
16 Special Training Daily Briefs

  • ​
  • ​How to trade Bitcoin on leverage so you can print money from the market
  • ​Professional day trader daily routines that turn you into a master day trader
  • ​Trading with advanced mathematics of W.D. Gann to give you a powerful trading edge
  • ​How to use 3commas to automate your trading and create real passive income
  • ​Trading with advanced "Chaos" technical analysis to give you accurate price targets
  • ​11 more special training episodes and many more to come.

Power Bonus #2:
Trading Log, Journal & Calculator

A key tenet of TRI's teaching is building a consistently profitable trading business. We won't teach you how to "get rich quick." In fact, even using those words is like kryptonite to a TRI'er.

So the TRI team made a special effort to give you tools to make sure you are profitable and safe while trading.

The position size calculator tells you how much you can invest in a single trade based on your portfolio size, entry-level, stop level, and risk percentage.

The Trading Log & Journal Tool

A big part of the trading process is tracking and journaling your trades. This is to notice your own patterns and behaviors so you can catch your mistakes, improve as a trader, and ultimately become a master trading technician able to pull money out of the market whenever you like.

Use these tools to enter your trades and your journal entries so you have a record of your progress as a trader over time. This essential trading practice will make you stand out from the rest of the market and become a profitable trader.

Power Bonus #3:
Brian's Personal Letters to New Traders

When you join TRI, you'll get a couple of timeless pieces of wisdom from Brian himself. These are two letters he wrote to new traders just starting, and they apply to intermediate and advanced traders too.

Letter 1: The Evolutionary Process of All Traders

Discover the steps to be a "good trader" according to actual market professionals and learn the "20/20/20 approach" that will get you there.

Letter 2: Releasing The Beast from Within: The 6 Steps To Working With A Trading Plan

Learn from Brian's 30 years of experience with this guide to rational, emotion-free trading, and master your trading plan and behaviors.

Let's Recap What You'll Get When You Join The TRI Community

The value you're getting may seem overwhelming, and that's because, for 10 years, we have kept adding resources and tools and developed proprietary screeners and signaling systems to go along with your membership.

The only thing that's stayed the same at TRI is the low price of your monthly subscription.

So let's recap what you're getting when you join the TRI Community today:

  • The TRI Community:
  • ​Immediate access to a library with 400+ trading resources ($497 Value)
  • ​Join an inspiring community of 500+ fellow traders ($97 Value)
  • ​Learn directly from experienced members and Brian himself (PRICELESS)
  • ​Daily video summaries of the market with Brian and special guests ($97 Value)
  • ​A trading dashboard full of valuable market insights and trade ideas ($297 Value)
  • ​Brian's "Big Bot" Signal Room and Julian's RSI "Baby Powder" Signal Room ($297 Value)
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • ​TRI Only Screeners ($1997 Value)
  • ​DavO Setup Signal (Bull/Bear) ($197 Value)
  • ​Bull/Bear Golden/Death Cross ($197 Value)
  • ​22 Profitable Setups Library ($497 Value)
  • ​15 Trading Cheatsheets ($197 Value)
  • ​30+ TradingView Scripts ($1997 Value)
  • Additional "Power" Bonuses
  • ​Bonus #1: 16 Daily Brief Special Training ($497 Value)
  • ​​​Bonus #2: Trading Log, Journal & Calculator ($297 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #3: Brian's Personal Letters to New Traders ($97 Value)​

Total Value: $6,367

But today, and for a limited time, you can get all of this FREE for 30 days.

Learning to trade in the TRI Community will give you peace of mind, comfort in the market, and an understanding of financial forces.

Beginner traders get help and support starting out, intermediate traders get expert guidance, and advanced traders join a winning group of peers.

Click the button below to start your 30 Day Free Trial now.

To get access to TRI, follow the steps to add your username and contact information, then go to the next step and add your payment details using secure card payments or paypal. (We do this to stop spam/troll accounts and protect the community).

You will not be billed during your first 30 day trial period, and you can cancel anytime from right within your membership.

Even if you forget to cancel and we charge you, you have 30 days to request a full refund, and we’ll give you every penny back no questions asked.

Now you can see the unmatched life-changing value at TRI, the only thing left for you to do is decide.

The first option is to keep doing what you’re doing now…

Trading alone, losing money, not knowing what to do, feeling like everyone else is profitable but not you.

Maybe you try to follow youtube videos or talking heads to find high-potential trades, but you are constantly playing catch up with market trends and missing out on mentorship and community to fast-track your success.

The real risk of not being a part of the TRI Community is trading in the market without a foundation of knowledge, leading to investing confusion and doubt.

And now, you have a second option…

Now you can join an amazing community of 500+ traders, including vetted professionals, and experience a life-changing transformation into a profitable trader in 90 days.

Get personalized mentorship, access exclusive tools, and stay ahead of the market with ongoing education, and explore all the TRI benefits with a 30-day free trial.

Trying the TRI Community today won’t cost you a penny.

Trade your current path for the TRI Advantage. Choose TRI. Your trading future depends on your decision.

To demonstrate how TRI members feel about the TRI Community, read some of the honest testimonials TRI’ers have shared.

a few more tri member thoughts

“60k in debt to pulling millions out the market”

“Booked About $200k Profit”

"132% Profit from this trade"

What life looks like in the TRI Community?

The TRI Community has a life-changing impact on traders.

Just imagine getting expert advice from Brian and veteran traders in the TRI Lounge.

You can use the TRI dashboard to analyze the markets effectively and stop emotional trading.

You’ll have access to the vast TRI Library of resources, proven trading setups and many valuable cheatsheets, guides and bonus training.

Imagine you could turn $100 into $1000’s or even $10,000+.

Imagine you could travel the world and live wherever you want and be trading profitably.

Imagine you could make that down payment on a house of your dreams.

Imagine you could get that sports car and impress your family and friends who never thought you’d make it in trading.

So Predictably Profitable, it’s Boring

With TRI, trading will become so predictably profitable that it will almost be boring.

In fact many traders going through TRI said the ups and downs of their emotions caused them to make many mistakes, and they consistently lost money.

So, trading will become more boring, more methodical and systematic, but most importantly, it will be profitable.

If this all sounds too good to be true, just read some of the testimonials on this page.

You'll see why we're so confident in the quality of this community, we're willing to let you try it for a full month for free just to see what it's all about.

"Drop out of college and join the TRI community"

"Just had my best ever week in trading"

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