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The Story of TRI

TRI is Built Different

When a group of trading enthusiasts, annoyed with the lies and misinformation in the investment world, came together, The Rational Investor (TRI) was born.

We are not a run-of-the-mill investing site, and we aren’t backed by big companies with deep pockets. We’re a friendly community that loves helping people trade and master the art of trading and investing.

Your Goals, Our Mission

We want to help you stand on your own two feet as a trader. We want you to be an amazing trader making all your dreams come true. Want to work while traveling the world? Or start a trading business? We’ve got your back!

Meet the TRI Expert Team

Brian Beamish: Hallmark Trader

Brian is the superstar trader at TRI. He’s been trading as a professional for 30 years. He’s held licenses to broker stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, options, and derivatives. He achieved the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) designation in 2005, and in 2011 was asked to join a prop firm within the CME trading Crude Oil as a proprietary trader. Brian loves trading and teaching people how to trade using the “Rational Investing” approach, combining fundamentals with high levels of Technical Analysis to beat the market consistently.

Julian: The Rising Star

Julian saw Brian teaching online back in 2014 and knew he found his trading mentor. Julian had been searching for someone to take him to the ‘next level’ and Brian had an honesty that seemed rare in the trading world. Julian had lost money trading, but with Brian’s help, he turned things around. Now Julian is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TRI and is passionate about coming up with unique options trading strategies.

Sjoerd: The Tech Whiz

Not long after Julian and Brian joined up, Sjeord (Pronounced like Stuart without the first 't') joined the gang. Sjoerd joined the team as our chief technical officer (CTO). Sjoerd makes the website, trading dashboards, indicators, and algorithms. This helps him spend more time with his family and ensure his daughters have a bright future.

TRI Present Day

Since launching, TRI has experienced steady growth. Now the TRI community is comprised of:

  • Tons of veteran traders who speak the lingo and know how to trade
  • ​Expert trading School instructors who help educate new traders
  • ​Instructor assistants to give you personal guidance and support
  • ​Newbies just getting started in the trading world eager to learn
  • ​Community helpers and veterans ready to lend a hand.

Learn the TRI way

At TRI you learn to make money steadily. We teach you the golden rules of investing, what Brian calls the “Process.”. These rules are the building blocks for making real money.

Brian once turned $500 into over $320,000 using the “Little Old Lady” risk-management strategy. TRI uses tools built by Brian and Sjoerd, which are like secret weapons in trading.

Jump In To TRI 

If you want to learn trading in an honest and fun way, join TRI. We’ll teach you how to make smart trading decisions in the market and help you chase your dreams of running a successful trading business.

Not sure where to start?

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about the TRI School, Community membership, or Pro tools, please get in touch here.