When a few guys who were tired of all the lies other investment schools told came together The Rational Investor was born.

We are unlike any other typical investing site. We aren’t backed by any large firms or rich companies and we don’t strive to teach our members how to ‘get rich quick’.

Instead, we are passionate about building a strong community, teaching individuals how to become better investors and traders and empowering our members to be able to run a successful small trading business.

Our mission

is to gain independence for our members to fully develop themselves as a successful trader and to reach personal goals. Whether that is work abroad, challenge yourself of starting a trading business.

Your personal goal is our target. And we strive to get you there!

Our Experts and the Team


Brian Beamish is the hallmark trader at TRI with over 30 years of experience in professional market environments. Within the Canadian securities industry he held licenses to broker the following: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and derivatives. He achieved the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) designation in 2005 and in 2011 was asked to join a prop firm within the CME trading Crude Oil as a proprietary trader. Brian applies a "Rational Investing" approach to the market, combining fundamentals with high levels of Technical analysis to consistently beat the market. He possess an incredible passion for not only trading the market, but also teaching others.

TRI as a community started when Julian observed Brain teaching and talking about the markets on Tradingview and YouTube back in 2014. Julian had been searching for years for someone to help him take his trading to the “next level”. Brian had an honesty that seemed so rare in the world of trading. Through working with Brian, Julian went from blowing up 2 accounts in 5 years (and losing ~$15,000), to becoming a successful and profitable trader in only 1.5 years. Julian now works as TRI’s the chief operating officer COO) along with sharing his viewpoint on the markets at TRI. He has a passion for developing and backtesting unique option strategies.


Soon after TRI started, Sjoerd joined the team, as our chief technical officer (CTO). Sjoerd has over 10 years of experience working as a professional developer in The Netherlands. He fulfills the role as lead developer. He is developing the website and trading tools to help himself and members spend more time with family and secure a bright future for his daughter.

The Present Day

Since launching, TRI has experienced steady growth.

Our community is now comprised of

  • Educated market participants
  • Beginners who are new to the world of trading and investing who are keen to learn.
  • a plethora of teaching assistants (TA’s) and veteran members who are here to help and support our community members to improve their trading and reach that “next level” of success.

If you are looking for an honest, positive place to improve your trading ability, look no further than TRI!

Discover The Stories of Our Members

We aren’t here to help you to get rich quick.

We are here to help you to learn proper market techniques (both market based and personally) so that you can fulfill your personal goals and run a small trading business successfully.