Discover How a Unique Trading Tool Made a 334.03% Return on BTC In 2022-23

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From Brian Beamish (30-year Veteran Trader)

And the entire TRI team...

Hey fellow trader,

If you are looking for a way to make great trading returns with a time-tested “secret indicator”...

Read this message very carefully.

In 2022, most people lost a lot of money.

Regardless if it was crypto or the stock market….

Imagine if you could have avoided those losses and even generated a profit.

Using a simple indicator that 99% of retail traders do not have access to.

This tool managed to generate some truly incredible returns:

  • 46% return on the S&P500 without using any leverage.
  • ​118% return on Bitcoin (again NO leverage)
  • ​115% return trading 3x S&P500 ETFs (SPXL for longs and SPXS for shorts)
  • ​​And an insane 954% trading options!

I know….

These numbers might seem unbelievable….

But guess what?

The system has all the proof to back it up.

How did it perform so well while everyone else was losing money?

Because, after 30 years of trading the markets, Brian Beamish (TRI founder and 30-year veteran trader) came up with a secret indicator that he calls...


*Requires TRI Community Membership

2022-3 Breadth Trading Results

With a 10k starting account on these tests, you can see the results for each type of account.

Here are the results with a simple investing plan, investing $10k on every trade and never changing the amount.

If you just reinvested the profits and for every new trade the results are even more impressive. 

Comparing the two accounts, you can see that reinvesting profits produces incredible results.

Outperforming The S&P500 

The TRI Breadth also works on the S&P500, as you can see from the chart below.

This is also with a $10k starting account, reinvesting the profits every trade. 

Specific example trades from 2022

2022 YTD S&P500 Breadth Trade Signals

87% Win Rate on 17 Trade Signals in 2022

You may be wondering, who is Brian Beamish, and how did he develop this?

The Making of the Breadth

Brian has held licenses to broker stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and derivatives.

In 2005 he achieved the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) designation;

In 2011 he joined a prop firm within the CME trading Crude Oil as a proprietary trader.

TRI as a community formed with Brian meeting Julian in 2014.

And that’s when Brian made an outlandish claim

$500 into $100k!

Brian said he would turn $500 into $100k, using his Little Old Lady strategy in the crypto market.

In just two short years, HE DID IT.

In 2017 his 1.25 BTC purchase had turned into 35 BTC, worth $100k…

This proved once and for all Brian knew his stuff.

The Education program at TRI took off, and during this time, Brian & Julian met Sjoerd.

Together they began working on a secret weapon for traders.

The ultimate suite of predictive trading tools.

Fast forward to now, and these tools analyze thousands of assets every day…

Collecting 10’s of thousands of data points…

And plot the data onto simple charts to make trading easier for you.

But how does the Breadth do such a good job of predicting the market?

How The TRi Breadth Works

The Breadth uses the Delacour Index (DI), an advanced indicator developed by Brian (named after Brian’s middle name)

Other indicators analyze individual charts, one time-frame at a time, and often show many conflicting signals.

The DI tools analyses each asset with 15 indicators automatically… (Layer 1)

…on three time-frames!

That’s 45 signals on each asset.

Then it looks at multiple related assets at the same time. (Layer 2)

For example, the S&P500 or the Crypto top 30 indexes.

This data results in one of the most powerful signals we’ve ever seen.

The Breadth. (Layer 3)

The Breadth Cross

The TRI engine plots the Breadth with two moving averages, a fast and a slow.

When these lines cross, there’s your power signal.

Other indicators analyze individual charts, one time-frame at a time, and often show many conflicting signals.

*Requires TRI Community Membership

The Breadth Just Works

The Breadth analyses the overall strength by analyzing the components of an index and plotting that data on the Breadth chart.

Thats why these signals work so well.

When the Fast and Slow cross, you get a Breadth Cross signal.

If the Fast crosses above the slow, it’s a bullish Cross Signal.

If it crosses below, it’s a Bearish Cross Signal.

In 2022 we wanted to PROVE these tools work.

So we tested it.

And the results are so unbelievable we are showing you them again below.

As part of our test, we gave access to students with an early Beta mode, and these are some of their thoughts

What Our Users are Saying

We're Making it Public

After a year of rigorous testing, we’re making these tools public!

Here's what you get when you sign up:

  • SPY Breadth
  • ​Crypto Breadth
  • ​​Histogram
  • ​​Breadth Page
  • ​​Brians Signals Page
  • ​Key Reversal Signals
  • ​​Volume/Momentum Signals
  • ​​​Custom Dashboards
  • European Market Breadth
  • ​Canadian Market Breadth
  • ​​Bond Market Breadth
  • ​​Commodity Market Breadth
  • ​​​Crypto Signals
  • ​​Stock Market Signals
  • ​​And more...

You can grab these tools today for $66 per month ($797 per year).

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100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Use the TRI tools for 30 days and if you're not 100% satisfied you can contact support at and request a full refund.

BONUS: Brian's Signals Page

The Breadth tools and Histogram only scrape the surface at TRI.

With your upgraded account, you get the bonus “Brian’s Signals” page.

This is where Sjoerds's powerful system scours through thousands of individual assets, looking for setups for you to trade.

These screeners hunt for Key Reversal candle patterns, push momentum push, volume momentum, and so much more.

Imagine combining the Breadth direction signal, with signals you find in the Brians Signals page.

Just look at these Key Reversal Signals…

And what happened next!

Key Reversal Signals in Action

Signals come in for the bullish and bearish version of the setup. This trade signal fired earlier this year when the market was turning down

You can hunt for Bullish Key Reversals in bullish market states (using the Breadth to help you there).

Look at how much you would have made with these signals (and I bet you haven’t heard of half these names).

Massive Profit Potential

Using Just The Key Reversal Signals

These are “Potential” signals, meaning they show you a signal before they fully fire.

You must still use proper risk management with every trade.

However, the time-consuming part is finding the trades to begin with.

With Brians's Signals page, you get trade signals automatically handed to you…

  • ​Save hours on time-consuming chart research
  • ​Save hours analyzing every indicator and hunting for candle patterns
  • ​Instant trade ideas right in your Dashboard
  • ​​Bullish & Bearish Crypto & Stock market trade ideas

*Requires TRI Community Membership

From Brian Beamish,

"Let's make money from trading"

Thank you for reading, we would be ecstatic to have you as a customer and if there are any more details we can provide, please let us know.

You can email us anytime or drop a question in the TRI chat room on the site.

That's it from Brian,

Byyeeeeee for now!

P.S. This suite of trader tools gives you a unique edge in the marketplace and helps you become a winning trader. You have a full 30-days to try it out and let us know if you like it, if not, you can request a full refund.

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