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The Story: How Brian Turned $500 Into Over $100,000 (And then $900k) In Under 3 Years...

Brian & The TRI Team, October 2023

Hi, I'm Julian - the CFO over at TRI (The Rational Investor).

Brian hates selling anything (he calls it "shilling), so you couldn't pay him any amount of money to write this up on himself - so I took it upon myself to tell you this story - because you need to hear it.

Back in 2017, this guy (Brian Beamish) who was about to cross an important threshold... he was about to hit his goal: $100k... from a measly investment of $500. Yea, that got your attention. (If it doesn't... well, you're probably in the wrong place, right?!) So how did he make that happen??

The story goes like this. Brian, a 25-year (now 30+) veteran trader of basically every market you can think of... said to me "I want to be part of this 'Bitcoin story'. I want to show people that I can turn $500 into $100k."

So back in 2015, Brian invested $500 into Bitcoin (less than 2 Bitcoin) as we started up TRI. And as time went on, Brian picked coins in the alt-coin market, multiplying his Bitcoin along the way... without taking more than 5% risk on any one coin.

"Crypto Twitter" ridiculed Brian for taking positions worth a measly few bucks. But he held steadfast in his plan... picking coins and trading his plan... and before even 3 years had passed, his portfolio was suddenly worth over $100k.

"Yea, but if I had bought Bitcoin at $250..." <-- This objection, right?

If Brian had held his 2 Bitcoins and sold them at the VERY PEAK for $20,000, that $500 investment would be worth roughly $40,000. Instead, he turned those 2 Bitcoin into over 45 and Brian's investment was worth over $900,000 at the very peak of Bitcoin's run.

Not only did he hit his goal, taking extremely limited risk... but he also far surpassed it to heights unimaginable to most.

Now I tell you this story for a few reasons...

1) It shows that Brian's foresight, ingenuity, and trading prowess is indisputable...
2) It's why I and so many others joined TRI and stayed for years...
3) And it explains why YOU need to become a member.

Sure, the Bitcoin story is not what it used to be. But today there are different opportunities on the horizon. And TRI can help you find them and take advantage of them.

This is where traders of all levels - complete novice to seasoned professional - come together to build each other up. Brian's favorite phrase is 1+1=3. We're a community here, ready to guide you and raise you up to new heights.

If you aspire to a profitable part-time, full-time, or Pro trader... this is the place you need to be. You won't find any other community like this on the internet. And you won't find a guy like Brian, that's for damn sure.

So take us up on our offer... 30 days, totally free. We know you're going to love our intensely knowledgable, friendly, and serious-about-trading community. Just click the button below, fill out the form and we'll send you instructions on how to set up your account.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the inside!


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