Product Benefits

The Rational Investor offers a monthly membership subscription giving you daily market insight or a full fledged trading school program built to transform you into a profitable trader and investor. Our tools save you time and money.

Stay informed of the daily market state

Tune in to our daily market broadcasts Monday to Friday, check out daily screener results and use our screeners to find what's hot right now!

Learn how to trade and invest on your own

From teaching you how to discover what type of trader you are, to building a trading plan and using setups in order to trade like a pro.

Be part of a friendly community

Our co-founder has over 30 years of professional trading experience. While our community is a mix of beginners and advanced traders, all gathered together to help each other, including you.

What our customers say

No doubt. TRI has changed my life, in a positive way, enormously. It has helped me to develop the right mindset and has given me the tools to successfully trade highly volatile assets like Bitcoin. I am, and will always be grateful for finding, learning from, and sharing with TRI and it's community....



I don't even know where to begin... TRI has shown me that there is also a Good side of the financial world as well and inspire me to want to be part of it

Alex B


I never thought I would learn how to trade but The Rational Investor educated me and now over many years I have done very, very well. Thanks TRI!!!

Davinci J.


Tools and Community

Live Daily Briefs

  • Tune in to our Live 1 hour show in which Brian Beamish and his special guests analyze what’s going on in the overall market.


  • Our founder and head coach has been trading professionally in various markets for over 30 years.

Daily screener results

  • Our proprietary screeners will deliver them for you.
  • Join specific chat groups based on what you like to trade.
  • Follow TRI’s trades in real time.

Daily Asset Reviews

  • You like an asset but are unsure about trading it? Request a review and watch it live or recorded in the Daily Brief Shows.
  • Want to know what's the status quo on most popular assets? We review them regularly.

Access our Library

  • Access TRI suggested material all in one place, specifically built to help you learn and understand various market topics.
  • Proprietary setups, videos and articles to get you going or keep you learning.


  • We strive to maintain an approachable community; in fact it’s our number one priority!
  • New members and veteran traders alike mix in the lounge chat to actively help one another.

Premium Customer Support

  • Questions about the products? About trading? Our team is here to help you, via the support channel, using email or simply asking fellow traders in the private chat group.

Private tutorials

  • Want to go down the rabbit hole or simply develop further assisted by pros?
  • You can book tutorials with our Alumni through the website.


  • Keeping a positive mental attitude (PMA) is essential in life and trading.
  • Head on over to our PMA channel if you need a bit of cheering up.

With a successful 5 year teaching and trading history, TRI is here to help you succeed in any market.

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