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TRI Community

The TRI community is your ticket to a prosperous trading journey. With immediate access to a wealth of resources, tools, and a vibrant, supportive community, this membership offers everything YOU need to thrive in the trading world.

The TRI Community Includes:

  • Immediate access to a library with 400+ trading resources
  • ​Learn directly from experienced veteran traders and Brian himself
  • Daily Brief market summaries with Brian and special guests
  • ​Valuable market insights and trade ideas in your dashboard
  • 30+ Exclusive TradingView scripts built by TRI & the Community
  • 500+ active community members ready to help you on your trading journey

TRI School

At TRI, we take your trading education very seriously. In the TRI School, you will receive a comprehensive 12-week personalized education, dedicated support, and the tools to succeed in your trading journey.

The TRI School includes:

  • 12-week hands-on course led by experienced instructors
  • Weekly resources and tools to guide you
  • Effective risk management strategies and profitable trading setups
  • ​Training in OBV, Volume, MacD, Willy, and many other technical trading tools
  • A structured approach to becoming a unique trader
  • 1,000+ Students taught through the Level 1-3 School​

The TRI Community


Traders reached globally over the years


Professional full-time stock and options analysts


Active members with daily trade ideas


Students taught through the Level 1-3 School

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When a few guys who were tired of all the lies other investment schools told came together The Rational Investor was born.

We are unlike any other typical investing site. We aren’t backed by any large firms or rich companies and we don’t strive to teach our members how to ‘get rich quick’.

Instead, we are passionate about building a strong community, teaching individuals how to become better investors and traders and empowering our members to be able to run a successful small trading business.

"I have done very, very well"

"And. It. Works."

"A good side of the financial world"

"TRI has changed my life in a positive way."


Gain more insight into the market with an in-depth blog covering market fundamentals, trade setups and secrets, and more.

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