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  • What is a Bond and How Do They Work?

    With stock market indices at all-time highs and corporate valuations reaching questionable levels, most investors are understandably looking for investments that can provide them with steady returns at minimal risk. Bonds represent the risk-off, flight to safety investing approach that many investors in the current investing landscape are searching for. So, what are bonds and how do they work? Read More

  • How The Benner Cycle Predicts 100+ Years of Market Movement

    How The Benner Cycle Predicts 100+ Years of Market Movement

    Samuel Benner was a farmer from the 1800s who wanted to understand how market cycles worked. In 1875, he published a book forecasting business and commodity prices. He identified years of panic, years of good times, and years of hard times. Panic Years: These are years when the market panicked, either buying or selling a stock irrationally until its price skyr... Read More

  • How to Make a Trading Plan with a Trading Plan Example

    When you trade stocks, you must have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you may not win. This post will help you make a trading plan that contains rules telling you when to buy and sell. Before you trade, you must decide what you’re going to do. If you don’t figure it out, you could lose money and you won’t know why.   Read More

  • How to Start Investing in Stocks & Cryptocurrency in 2021 With A Traders Edge

    There’s no doubt cryptocurrency and stock trading get more popular every day. Gamified apps make it easy to trade stocks and crypto, and social media spread the word like wildfire. These conditions make it all but impossible for the public to resist. So, if you're looking to start investing in stocks and cryptocurrency, keep reading.    The Millennial March... Read More

  • 2 TRI Rules That Turned $500 into $1m+ With A Risk-Free Strategy

    TRI has two simple rules for investing. Rule #1: Follow an algorithmic system that produces a 2:1 reward for risk and is correct 60-70% of the time. Rule #2: Never risk over 5% of your stake/capital on any one investment idea. Following these two rules mean you’re always following a trading setup and plan, and you&r... Read More

  • How to Invest in Cryptocurrency with the “Little Old Lady” Strategy

    How to Invest in Cryptocurrency with the “Little Old Lady” Strategy

    As you dive into the world of money management, investing and trading, you’ll uncover the concept of ‘Risk’. Down the rabbit hole of Risk Management, you realize it’s the giant sleeping beast of investing. The Little old Lady strategy is perfect if you want to learn how to invest in cryptoc... Read More

  • Crypto and USA Infrastructure Bill

    Crypto and USA Infrastructure Bill

    Crypto has enjoyed a nice rally recently with Bitcoin and Ethereum basically charging straight up since bottoming on July 20th, 2021. Of the two, Ethereum appears to be the strongest with only two red candles over the last twenty days and an 80+% gain. Most other crypto names have been in the green as well and in general price action has been largely bullish.   Read More

  • Tradingview Long/Short Position Tutorial Video

    Tradingview Long/Short Position Tutorial Video

    A question I get asked many times by people new to trading is how do we use the long/short position tool in Tradingview to assess our risk and properly size our positions? This concept is important for ensuring proper risk management and framing our trades with pre-defined entry and exit levels. In this tutorial I walk you through how and why I use this tool as an integral part of my trading ac... Read More

  • BTC Bot Setup

    BTC Bot Setup

    Crypto caught a bid over the last few days and Bitcoin has been on a wild ride launching 38% off it’s recent July 20th lows up to $40k before being stopped in its tracks a couple hours ago and sharply pulling back to $37k where it sits right now. False reports that Amazon would begin accepting BTC fueled the rally while there was lots of talk on twitter about supply shock and short squeez... Read More

  • Sector Rotation Analysis Q3 2021

    Sector Rotation Analysis Q3 2021

    It’s hard to believe we’re already in Q3 of 2021 but here we are and it’s time to talk Sector Rotation again. Each quarter we look at the first two weeks of the S&P market activity by sector to get a look into where institutional money managers will be directing capital for the next few months. Because these money managers need to allocate capital at the beginning of each... Read More

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