• Sector Rotation Analysis Q3 2021

    Sector Rotation Analysis Q3 2021

    It’s hard to believe we’re already in Q3 of 2021 but here we are and it’s time to talk Sector Rotation again. Each quarter we look at the first two weeks of the S&P market activity by sector to get a look into where institutional money managers will be directing capital for the next few months. Because these money managers need to allocate capital at the beginning of each... Read More

  • This Week in BTC

    This Week in BTC

    My cautious optimism on the bullish side of BTC is further waning this week as the bearishness I discussed last week has continued to develop confirmation. The potential daily M has now been confirmed, albeit with only a couple tails dipping down below the breakdown level. TRi indicators are also now flashing bearish signals with M structure in OBV, MACD and RSI all confirmed. While we did put... Read More

  • BTC Summer Range

    BTC Summer Range

    Bitcoin has gone sideways and is sitting about $1000 below where it was at the time of last week’s post. Not a lot has changed but it did manage to confirm the W before pulling back down below that breakout level. Now we’re looking at a potential M in price structure. The Davo mentioned last wee... Read More

  • BTC and COIN Analysis

    BTC and COIN Analysis

    Bitcoin had an uppy weekend making about 10% gains since Friday and it’s up about 20% after dipping to a new low last Tuesday. Currently price is sitting at 35k and does have a potential daily W that will breakout at $35,517 on Bitstamp. The new low from last week did set the stage for potential bullish divergences that we’re now seeing in both RSI and MACD. If you’re familiar... Read More

  • Screening Process and Watchlists

    I’ve been asked by several TRi members lately how I can keep track of so many stock and crypto ideas. Between my own portfolio and names I’m following the number of assets I’m tracking adds up fast. My stock list currently has 400 names on it and then there’s crypto on top of that. It can be time consuming and overwhelming to keep it all together so I’m constantly... Read More

  • Dow Theory

    Dow Theory

    Dow Theory goes all the way back to 1896 when Dow Jones founders Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstressor developed the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) along with the Dow Jones Transportation Average (DTX). The theory is based on the thesis that if business conditions were healthy and the economy is doing well, then transportation stocks should be profiting from the freight requir... Read More

  • Little Old Lady Report

    If you’ve followed Brian Beamish and TRi at all you’ve more than likely heard about the Little Old Lady risk management strategy.  It’s a core component of our education program and a great long term investment strategy that is highly effective if only you have the patience and discipline to implement it. It’s a hands off strategy that requires you to leave it alone... Read More

  • Benefits of Joining the TRi Community

    We’re heading into week 4 of our current school term and I have to say TRi is firing on all cylinders these days. It’s great to see the new students settling in and becoming part of our community. We’ve grown a lot in the last few years and it’s absolutely fantastic to see as more and more people come on board we still manage to maintain the heart and ethos originally es... Read More

  • Crypto Review

    Crypto Review

    Last week we talked about “sell in may and walk away,” but wow crypto sure didn’t waste any time selling off again. It was mostly a week of down across the board. Wednesday the 19th was the worst of it with BTC dropping -25% on that day alone. The result of that drop was a pretty significant dead cat bounce that even produced doubles if you got stink bids filled on names like... Read More

  • Sell in May and Walk Away

    Sell in May and Walk Away

    One of the many isms that Brian teaches us at TRi is “sell in May and walk away.” Over the years the stock market has had a tendency to sell off and underperform through the months of May-October while typically performing more bullishly from November to April. Of course this isn’t set in stone, but we are seeing signs of selling right around now and I think we&... Read More

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