• Little Old Lady Report

    If you’ve followed Brian Beamish and TRi at all you’ve more than likely heard about the Little Old Lady risk management strategy.  It’s a core component of our education program and a great long term investment strategy that is highly effective if only you have the patience and discipline to implement it. It’s a hands off strategy that requires you to leave it alone... Read More

  • Benefits of Joining the TRi Community

    We’re heading into week 4 of our current school term and I have to say TRi is firing on all cylinders these days. It’s great to see the new students settling in and becoming part of our community. We’ve grown a lot in the last few years and it’s absolutely fantastic to see as more and more people come on board we still manage to maintain the heart and ethos originally es... Read More

  • Crypto Review

    Crypto Review

    Last week we talked about “sell in may and walk away,” but wow crypto sure didn’t waste any time selling off again. It was mostly a week of down across the board. Wednesday the 19th was the worst of it with BTC dropping -25% on that day alone. The result of that drop was a pretty significant dead cat bounce that even produced doubles if you got stink bids filled on names like... Read More

  • Sell in May and Walk Away

    Sell in May and Walk Away

    One of the many isms that Brian teaches us at TRi is “sell in May and walk away.” Over the years the stock market has had a tendency to sell off and underperform through the months of May-October while typically performing more bullishly from November to April. Of course this isn’t set in stone, but we are seeing signs of selling right around now and I think we&... Read More

  • Battlestations Day Trading Room

    We recently launched our Battlestations Day Trading Room at TRi and it’s been picking up steam over the last couple of weeks. Every morning traders jump in a meeting 1 hour before the NY Open and trade right up into the Daily Brief 3 hours later. It’s an invaluable resource to the professionals in the room, but it has also become a great way for aspiring day traders and new people t... Read More

  • New School Term Starts In One Week - Register Now!

    Our new school term starts May 10th and students are already piling in and ready to get their trading journey started. We’ll be announcing the winner of our flash raffle on the Daily Brief Recap Show today at 11am PST. If you’re reading this before that there’s still time to sign up for a chance... Read More

  • Coinbase IPO - Sell The News

    Coinbase IPO - Sell The News

    Coinbase has been trading for a little over a week now and it looks like it’s recent public offering was a “sell the news” event triggering a sell off in Bitcoin as well. $COIN began trading on April 14th at $381 and rallied up to $429.65 before closing down on the day at $320. Since then it has most recently traded at $294.50 on Friday the 23rd, losing about -23% of its value... Read More

  • Sector Rotation Two Weeks Study Q2 2021

    Sector Rotation Two Weeks Study Q2 2021

    Quarter 2 of 2021 is underway and it’s time for another Sector Rotation Two Weeks Study. In general, I’m getting mixed messages from the data with no real solid grasp on what sectors might benefit from capital inflow this quarter. As projected in our Q1 study, Energy did outperform for... Read More

  • Bitcoin, Coinbase and Fundamental Drivers

    Bitcoin, Coinbase and Fundamental Drivers

    Coinbase is going public this week on Wednesday the 14th and the hype machine is running on all cylinders. They reported some pretty stunning earnings last week and people are certainly taking notice. Of course the current crypto bull run is fueling all of this with BTC up near all-time highs while DeFi and NFTs are capturing enough media attention to have your grandma asking about them. We sho... Read More

  • Level 1 Course Starts May 10th

    Yesterday we wrapped up our final session of the current school term and another group of TRI’ers will be taking their exams and getting ready to move on to the next level. Trading is difficult and the learning process is challenging so congratulations to everyone who put in the work this term. I think by now all of them have realized the value in TRI methodology and I hope that they will... Read More

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